The book series to get you hooked – set in the world of Holly, the hip women’s magazine – glamourous, elegant and scheming

Holly – The Missing Chief Editor
Volume 1
by Anna Friedrich
Goldmann Taschenbuch, January 2015

HOLLY is THE women’s magazine. Holly says what is fashionable and defines the trends. Every month lots of women (and a few men) work at the next issue of the magazine. They are young, old, fat, thin. They want to make a career, have children, exciting sex, improve the world, and new shoes. Power fights and intrigues are the name of the game in the editorial offices – journalists feud, friendships are made, and clandestine affairs could come to light at any moment. The jobs at HOLLY are hotly contested and much sought after.

Young Simone Pfeffer, who is to join the Holly team as a controller, is accordingly nervous before her dinner appointment with chief editor Annika Stassen. Stassen is getting on for 50, is the grande dame of the media world and said to be extremely stand-offish. As feared, she is not exactly enchanted with Simone’s new role in the office. Then something happens nobody has expected: Annika Stassen disappears without trace and remains missing. What is behind it all? A scandal? A crime? From one day to the next, the largest women’s magazine in the country has no one at the helm. And chaos breaks out…

First season with 6 volumes (one volume a month) – a commercial fiction paperback along the lines of TV series and movies such as Girls, Lipstick Jungle, Gossip Girl, The Devil Wears Prada and Bridget Jones.

Season 2 has already been acquired and will be available shortly.

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