KELLERKIND de Nicole Neubauer

Mise à jour du 30 janvier 2015 : droits préemptés

He says he can’t remember anything, but his hands are stained with blood…

(Cellar Child)
by Nicole Neubauer
Blanvalet, January 2015

40,000 copies sold so far !

Successful attorney Rose Benninghoff is lying in her designer apartment with her throat slit. Fourteen-year-old Oliver Baptise is huddling down in the basement, his body covered with bruises, his hands smeared with blood. He can’t remember anything. It is bitterly cold, one of the coldest winters for years, when Chief Inspector Waechter and his team take up the hunt for the murderer. Before long, however, the borders between the culprit and the victim become increasingly blurred, and the investigators stumble across an old crime that was never avenged and is still casting its shadow right into the present…

Nicole Neubauer, born in 1972, studied English literature and law in Munich and London. After spending ten years working in a corporate law firm, she now freelances as an author, lawyer and editor.



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