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A poignant, beautiful novel about the depths of a parent’s love for their child

by Sharon Guskin
Flatiron Books, Winter 2016

“What if what you did mattered more because life happened again and again, consequences unfolding across decades and continents? This question is at the heart of Sharon Guskin’s luminous novel. THE FORGETTING TIME is about memory and forgetting, grieving and letting go, and the lengths a mother will go to for her child. It is both a relentlessly paced page-turner and a profound meditation on the meaning of life.” – Christina Baker Kline

When we become mothers, certain instincts kick in — we hold our babies tight, we never let go.   But what if letting go is the only way to hold on? Noah wants to go home. A seemingly easy request. But as Noah’s mother, Janie, knows, nothing with Noah is ever easy.

When Janie was 39, she couldn’t face another birthday being single. All of those supportive friends saying, This is the year you’ll meet someone. So she takes herself on a trip that will change her life. Five years later she’s no closer at romance, but she does have the love of her life –four year old Noah. But when the school calls one day and says she needs to come in to talk about Noah, and no, not later, now, life as she knows it stops.

For Jerome Anderson, life as he knows it has stopped. Once a shining young star in academia, a graduate of Yale and Harvard, a professor of psychology, he threw it all away because of an obsession with children in the far east who knew things no children should ever know. Anderson became the laughing stock of his peers, but he didn’t care – something was going on with these children. He was searching for that something else. And with Noah, he thinks he’s found it.
Soon Noah, Janie and Anderson will find themselves knocking on the door of a mother whose son has been missing for eight years – and when that door opens, all of their questions will be answered.

Sharon Guskin has degrees from Yale University and the Columbia University School of the Arts. In addition to her debut fiction, she has worked as a writer and producer of prize-winning documentary films that have been shown across the country and on American Public Television. She has had residencies at numerous artist colonies, including Yaddo, The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Ragdale, Wellspring House, and the Blue Mountain Center for the Arts.

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