THE WINTER GIRL de Matt Marinovich

THE WINTER GIRL est un thriller sombre, palpitant, bien construit et terriblement envoûtant. Personne ne sortira indemne de ce récit habilement mené où se mêlent amour et horreur au cœur même d’une folie meurtrière :

A young couple moves to a Hamptons mansion to care for an ailing parent and become increasingly obsessed with the seemingly empty house next door. What begins as innocent curiosity quickly turns dark and harrowing as terrible secrets are discovered and their lives begin to unravel…

by Matt Marinovich
Doubleday, January 2016

It’s winter time in the Hamptons: everything is quiet, with many of the homes shut for the season, and a couple is staying at the house of the wife’s father, who is dying from cancer and in the hospital. The husband, meanwhile, is unemployed, struggling to save his marriage, but also strangely obsessed with the house next door. The lights go off at the same time every night so he’s convinced no one is there. He checks it out with his wife and they find that something horrible has happened…but not in the way you imagine.
By turns eerie, darkly comic and vicious, THE WINTER GIRL pays with the notion of storytelling and how we craft our own versions of the truth.

Matt Marinovich is the author of STRANGE SKIES, a satire comedy, published by HarperCollins in 2007. THE WINTER GIRL is his first thriller.

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