DER ARM DES KRAKEN de Christoph Peters

For fans of Quentin Tarantino, Don Winslow and Cormack McCarthy

(The Arm of the Octopus)
by Christoph Peters
Luchterhand, August 2015

Annegret Bartsch has been an inspector with the Vietnamese crime squad in the Berlin police force for fifteen years – for ten years she has not taken anyone to court. But when the Japanese Yuki O. is found shot dead in a pleasure ground pond, Annegret Bartsch is at first completely baffled. Much of what she finds suggests that Yuki O. had belonged to the Japanese Yakuza and clashed with the clans of the Vietnamese mafia. Her investigations take Annegret into a maze of Vietnamese catering establishments, import-export firms, food stores and flower shops. But no matter who she speaks to, she comes up against a wall of silence.
DER ARM DES KRAKEN is an urban novel and action-packed literary thriller in one. And in its game of cat-and-mouse between the German police inspector and the Japanese killer it is also a convincing psychological study of two frequently broken individuals caught up in the constraints and absurdities of what each expects from life.

Christoph Peters works as a writer in Berlin, where he also lives with his family. His work has received several awards, including the Aspekte-Literaturpreis, the Düsseldorfer Literaturpreis and the Rheingau Literaturpreis.



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