RIOT MOST UNCOUTH de Daniel Friedman

An uproariously funny, deliciously witty, and highly original mystery featuring Lord Byron as the sleuth

A Lord Byron Mystery
by Daniel Friedman
Minotaur Books, December 2015

The year is 1807, and Byron is living large as a student at Trinity College in Cambridge, England. He has successfully skirted the college’s rule against keeping dogs in the dorm by rooming with a rather large bear named “the Professor.” When a young woman is found murdered in a local boarding house, Byron can’t pass up the opportunity to prove his immeasurable genius by solving the case. In a time where there are no police investigators, only expensive private eyes, it’s up to Byron to bring her killer to justice while finding time for his normal pursuits of excessive drinking, bedding married women, and generally causing trouble wherever he goes.

RIOT MOST UNCOUTH is a serio-comic mystery by an enormously talented young writer that combines social satire and a brilliant detective plot, and Friedman’s signature sense of humor shines through.

Daniel Friedman is the acclaimed author of the Buck Schatz mysteries, DON’T EVER GET OLD and DON’T EVER LOOK BACK.

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