DAN-SHA-RI de Hideko Yamashita

Mise à jour du 30 novembre 2015 : droits cédés aux Éditions Autrement

Bestselling author Hideko Yamashita has developed the DAN-SHA-RI concept of self-analysis through decluttering and applies the tenets of cleaning and organizing in a way that anyone can practice in order to free themselves both physically and spiritually

Decluttering to Cleanse Your Heart and Mind
by Hideko Yamashita
Saint Martin’s Press,
Fall 2016

DAN-SHA-RI is a Japanese concept which breaks down as follows:

dan = Refusal of unneeded things

sha = Throwing away unneeded things you already own

ri = Separation from unhealthy desire for unneeded things.

Hideko Yamashita compiled her lessons into DAN-SHA-RI, which became a bestseller not only in Japan, but also in China and Taiwan. That book and its related works together have sold over three million copies.

Rights have sold in Japan (Magazine House), China (Guangxi Science & Technology), Taiwan (Crown), Italy (Fabbri), Korea (currently being negotiated), Germany (currently in auction) and Spain (currently in auction)

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