In her usual elegant voice-driven style, Dana Reinhardt introduces us to a new cast of characters that will both make us laugh and break our hearts

What’s Love Without a Second Chance?
by Dana Reinhardt
Wendy Lamb Books, June 2016
Agent: Sterling Lord Literistic

TELL US SOMETHING TRUE is a tender coming-of-age story about a boy who gets trapped in his own web of lies, but what’s life without a second chance?

River Dean has a good heart, but gets his life in Los Angeles turned upside down when his long-time high school girlfriend Penny dumps him. River has been so content existing in the perfect “Penny-bubble” that once it’s popped, he doesn’t know where to go. He literally doesn’t know where to go—our protagonist has even been relying on his girlfriend to drive him everywhere. One afternoon, his long walks through the gritty streets of LA take him to a place advertising “A Second Chance,” a therapy group for teenagers with addictions. River invents his own addiction to fit in, but he gets himself into a whole lot of trouble when he falls for a girl in the group: Daphne, the imperfect girl who is perfect for River.

TELL US SOMETHING is a charming love story about an unlikely and endearing pair of broken teenagers. But perhaps more so, it’s about finding your own personal journey and seeing the value of friendship, honesty, and how to feel compassion for others. It’s about reinventing yourself to become a truer version of you. The people closest to us can seem the most invisible, but they are the ones we need to value the most.

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