BROTHERS UNITE de Justin LaRocca Hansen

When two brothers discover a pair of secretly magical objects, they become Stretch and Brella, the incredible superheroes at the center of this graphic-novel-trilogy debut for fans of Amulet

by Justin LaRocca Hansen
Dial, July 2016

Tuck and Hudson are just two average suburban brothers–until their mother buys them an umbrella and a scarf at a yard sale. Quickly, the brothers realize that these ordinary-looking objects are full of magic, and that, with the help of their squirrel sidekick, they can use that magic to fight the world’s evil. As the boys move from fighting their neighborhood nemesis to taking on bigger foes, they become Stretch and Brella, the brother superhero duo. Soon, the brothers find themselves in another realm, where they fight enormous dragons and an evil knight who wants to destroy the kingdom.

This graphic novel has the classic comic-book superhero element, with lots of high-stakes action. It will appeal to Amulet and Zita fans.

Justin LaRocca Hansen was raised in a small town in Massachusetts, spending his summers in Cape Cod. He has loved comics, drawing, and watercolor since he was very young, and his childhood adventures continue to inspire his storytelling today. After receiving his artistic and undergraduate training at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, Justin began teaching in school in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Massachusetts. He is the author/illustrator of Monster Hunter and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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