No fear of the hunt

(The Tiger Strategy:
The Proven Method for Achieving the greatest Success in your Personal and Professional Lives)
by Lothar Seiwert
Ariston, February 2016

What does a tiger know about success? Quite a lot! When the young tiger Ravi, who is not respected even by the hyenas, is challenged to a fight by his powerful rival Bal, Ravi seeks help from Amba, the old white tigress. She teaches him the five principles that will transform him into a self-confident, resolute, and creatively intelligent tiger: clarity – power – fighting spirit – concentration – constancy. Here are the fundamental strategies for anyone who wants to achieve success in life.
Inspiringly narrated and delightfully designed, THE TIGER STRATEGY shows how we can develop those traits necessary for mastering life.

Lothar Seiwert was born on Sumatra. Since childhood he has been fascinated by tigers because of their individuality and independence. Through his books, translated into 40 languages and with sales of over 5 million copies, he has become one of the most influential experts on the subject of time economy and life management. He has been awarded many prizes and has been a keynote speaker and trainer in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

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