ZWEI WIE ZUCKER UND ZIMT de Stefanie Gerstenberger et Marta Martin

As fluffy as candy cotton and bursting with the joy of living

Zurück in die süße Zukunft
(Two Like Sugar and Spice
Back to the Sweet Future)
by Stefanie Gerstenberger and Marta Martin
July 2015

Charlotte, called Charles, is outraged! How can anyone be as pliable as Marion, her mother? And then it happens: One morning after an argument Charles suddenly wakes up in Marion’s teen room. Charles jumped back to the past and finds herself in the presence of her fifteen-year-old mother! Marion wears ugly dungarees, swims naked and goes with the flow in the wild Eighties. At first Charles is bewildered – then she’s fascinated. Will she ever make it back to the future? And does she really want to?

Stefanie Gerstenberger and Marta Martin are mother and daughter; they present their first joint novel with ZWEI WIE ZUCKER UND ZIMT.

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