THE URBAN MONK de Pedram Shojai

Pedram Shojai, with his combination of traditional Eastern and contemporary Western methods, shows readers how to stay calm and centered in a chaotic world

Eastern Wisdom and Modern Hacks to Stop Time and Find Success, Happiness, and Peace
by Pedram Shojai
Rodale Books, February 2016

THE URBAN MONK reveals the secrets to finding an open heart, sharp mind, and grounded sense of well-being, even in the most demanding circumstances. Shojai’s no-nonsense life mastery program brings together clear tools and exercises that can elevate your existence. Learn to honor your body with nutrition and shake free from addictions to toxic substances and experiences. Let your body and mind unwind each day with evening meditations, loosening exercises, and resting rituals that will keep any stress or unfinished business out of the bedroom, helping you sleep better so that your body can rejuvenate.

Pedram Shojai is the founder of Well.Org, the editor of BeMore! Magazine, and the producer and director of the movie Vitality and the upcoming film Origins. He conducts seminars and retreats around the world and is the founder of the Taoist Path School of Alchemy.

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