ODD GODS de David Slavin et Daniel Weitzman

Dork Diaries by way of Rick Riordan. Hilariously illustrated by Adam J. B. Lane, this is a mix of mythology and middle-school angst, with a decidedly geeky and gross middle-school sensibility

Misfit Myths from Mount Olympus Middle School
by David Slavin and Daniel Weitzman
On submission
Agent: Brian Defiore

In ODD GODS by David Slavin and Daniel Weitzman, there are, yes, the gods we know as youngsters: Adonis, Aphrodite, Hermes. They are the stars of the gymnasium and the cafeteria and the classroom, and shine brightly as the BGOC of middle school life—and are as insufferable as only middle school gods can be. But then there are the other kids we never knew were part of the heavenly realm: the Odd Gods, the ones destiny did not treat quite so gloriously. Oddonis. Obeseus. Gaseous. Germes: The dorky, smelly geeks in a world of perfect specimens, with powers that, well, no one else really wants.
The Odd Gods are used to being the ones who are picked on and ignored, of having the formica bathroom when their siblings have marble, of being served mystery meat when their betters eat Ambrosia.
When a strange wind (don’t ask where it comes from) pushes Oddonis’ hand up when the principal asks if anyone is willing to run against the perfect Adonis for class president, Oddonis and his mates have to pull every second-rate trick in their arsenal to run the uphill campaign of a lifetime.

David Slavin and Daniel Weitzman have both written in varied media for adults, and some short work for kids, but this is their debut novel for children. Adam J B Lane is the writer and illustrator of the picture books MONSTERS PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG and STOP THIEF! This is their first collaboration

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