SPONGEBOB COMICS de Stephen Hillenburg

A compilation made up of the best of the best SpongeBob comics stories, published monthly since 2011 by Bongo Comics, edited by SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg

by Stephen Hillenburg

Silly Sea Stories (#1) / Aquatic Adventurers, Unite! (#2)
Abrams ComicArts, May 2017

SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS is one of the longest running and most successful children’s television series in history, having premiered in 1999 and continuing today. The brand has grown into an international multimedia phenomenon that includes films, books, toys, apparel, and even comics. SpongeBob Comics: Aquatic Adventurers, Unite! is a collection of previously published material specially curated by SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg, working with some of the biggest names in comics. Each book in the series includes more than 10 original short, self contained stories featuring the main cast of characters—SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Sandy Cheeks, Squidward, Plankton, Mermaid Man, and Barnacle Boy—and the rest of the undersea cast that fans know and love, all in new adventures and art styles not seen in the television or film series. This first book in the series includes classic SpongeBob stories that every fan will enjoy, while the second book in the series focuses on stories about superheroes, from original Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy stories to SpongeBob and Patrick saving the day.

Stephen Hillenburg is an American marine biologist, cartoonist, producer, and voice actor best known for creating the hit Nickelodeon television series SpongeBob SquarePants. Prior to his career in animation, Hillenburg taught marine biology at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, California. He has won two Emmy and six Annie Awards.

Books 1 and 2 will publish in Spring 2017, while book 3 will publish in Fall 2017. Also in 2017, a hardcover collection geared toward older fans will be published under the ComicArts imprint, in the same format as The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis and Archie Marries . . .

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