An homage to the themes of redemption and forgiveness found in The Tempest, PROSPERO BOOKS is a lyrical love story

by Amy Meyerson
Park Row Books, Early 2018

On her twenty-seventh birthday, Miranda Brooks receives unexpected news from home: her mother’s brother has died and left her his bookstore in Los Angeles. Miranda has hazy but intense memories of her unpredictable Uncle Billy and the zany scavenger hunts he used to create for her. But no one had spoken to Uncle Billy in years, ever since he and Miranda’s mother had a bitter fight and cut one another out of their lives.
Everyone encourages Miranda to sell the bookstore before it sinks into bankruptcy, but as she explores Prospero Books for herself, she begins to find clues that Billy has hidden for her: inside novels on the store’s shelves, in locked drawers of his apartment upstairs, in the name of the store itself. Miranda soon finds herself drawn into a journey across America to meet people from Billy’s past, people whose stories reveal a history that Miranda’s mother has kept hidden—and the nature of the terrible secret that tore her family apart.

Amy Meyerson teaches in the Writing Department at the University of Southern California, where she completed her graduate work in creative writing. She has been published in Reed Magazine, The Manhattanville Review, The Bloomsbury Review, The Fanzine, and Obit Magazine, and was a finalist in Open City’s RRofihe Trophy Short Story Contest and in Summer Literary Seminars’ Unified Literary Contest. This is her first novel.

Rights sold: Germany (HarperCollins Germany), Italy (Nord, pre-empt) and Serbia (Laguna).

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