MY SISTER de Moshe Sakal

“When I started reading the novel My Sister by Moshe Sakal, I could not stop. I found in it things that I liked and which spoke to me very much. Almost all the characters in this book are both divided souls and merging souls, each character becoming one with another. And that is sophisticated and fascinating.”- Amos Oz

by Moshe Sakal

MY SISTER tells the story of Neta and her relationships with her two younger brothers. She is single and longs to adopt a child from Russia. The youngest brother, Tomer, a brilliant and mysterious young man, earns money as a sperm-donor in Israel and in the USA, to help his sister raise the funds for adopting his future niece. The adopted girl, Nadia, becomes very attached to her young uncle—thanks to whom she was, in a sense, “reborn.” But things get complicated as Nadia grows up and begins to wonder about her biological father back in Russia. Tomer, on the other hand, is terrified by the thought of his many biological children. Nadia and Tomer each experience their separate crises of identity and find their ways to surprising resolutions.
The novel is narrated by the eldest brother, Lior, who has a very close relationship with his sister (“Sometimes you can’t tell where she ends and I begin”). He is married to a German woman, and has a strained relationship with his parents.
MY SISTER explores the different forms modern families can take, and looks at the ethical and practical questions related to sperm donation, and the ways in which new and different technologies impact today’s reproductive norms.

Moshe Sakal is the writer of 5 Hebrew novels. In 2011, Sakal’s best-selling novel “Yolanda” was shortlisted for the Sapir Prize (the Israeli Booker). Sakal was awarded the title of Honorary Fellow in Writing by the University of Iowa, USA; the Eshkol prize for his work, and a Fulbright grant (the America-Israel Education Trust). He has published essays and opinion pieces in several major Israeli outlets (including Ha’aretz), as well as in Le Monde (France) and Forward (USA).

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