IN THE DARK de Cara Hunter

The much-anticipated follow-up to Close To Home, a tightly plotted, nail-biting novel in the new DI Fawley crime series sold at auction to Viking UK in a 3-book deal

by Cara Hunter
June 2018

In a respectable Oxford neighbourhood, an investment banker’s basement renovation goes wrong when a dividing wall collapses and the builders discover a young woman and a child held captive in the basement next door. The woman and child are hospitalised as harrowing details of their incarceration emerge: she has been held captive for over five years giving birth to her child in the basement, but neither are able to speak of their ordeal. It’s only when DI Adam Fawley hears about the case that a link is made between it and a case he was involved in many years before. Hannah Gardiner, a local journalist and her four-year-old son Toby went missing on Siddenham Clumps in an unsolved case that made headlines all over the country. Fawley always knew there was something else that was eluding them about the Gardiner case. And now he’s wondering if he might just have found it…

Cara Hunter studied English at Oxford returning to complete a doctorate on Samuel Richardson.

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