RADICAL CANDOR de Kim Malone Scott

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A book that will appeal to readers of Ben Horowitz’s “The Hard Thing about Hard Things” and Lazlo Bock’s “Work Rules”

Be a Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity
by Kim Malone Scott
St. Martin’s Press
, March 2017

RADICAL CANDOR captures critical ideas about how to manage people—and why. Kim Scott shares here all of the best management insights and stories that she has accumulated over the years: from her early job starting up a diamond cutting factory in Russia, to her days at Harvard Business School, to her years as CEO of a tech startup in New York, and her long career as a recognized leader and guru in Silicon Valley. Organized around four essential things that every good manager deals with on a regular basis—creative guidance, collaborative goal setting, team building, and organizational flow—this book will show readers how to be a more efficient, more innovative, and more caring boss.

Kim Malone Scott led a 700 person sales team at Google, designed and taught a management class for Apple, and is now a CEO coach for many well-known tech companies and startups.

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