THE LIDO de Libby Page

Mise à jour du 20 mars 2017: droits cédés aux Éditions Kéro

A book that received 6-figure UK pre-empt and first foreign offer within 24 hours of submission

by Libby Page
Orion, TBA

Set in present day Brixton, it tells the story of an unlikely friendship between 26 year old Kate, a young woman feeling lost and lonely in London and in life, and Rosemary, an 86 year old widow who is nostalgic for the past in a present day world she increasingly struggles to understand. Brought together by the imminent closure of the Lido they galvanise themselves, and eventually the local community they are part of, to fight against the overwhelming power of the Council and the financial cuts required. Slowly we hear Rosemary’s heartwarming story of growing up in Brixton, and how she found the love of her life, George, by the Lido all those years ago. And as the novel progresses so does the bond between Kate and Rosemary. Regardless if they win or not, each woman’s life will be changed forever by the love only true friendship can give.

Libby Page works in marketing and moonlights as a writer. She graduated from The London College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Journalism before going on to work as a journalist at the Guardian.

Rights sold to: Denmark (GADs), Finland (Otava), Italy (La Nave di Teseo). Offer pending in Germany, Holland and Spain (auction)

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