THE CAGE de Lloyd Jones

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A fable about trust and fear, blindness and sight, what it means to bear witness, what it means to have nothing

by Lloyd Jones
February 2018

At the front of a little hotel in a country town, a flickering sign says, ‘All welcome’. The dining room and guest rooms are upstairs, the kitchen below. There is a broken swing under the willow in the garden.
Fleeing a catastrophe they cannot describe, two strangers stagger into town, scarecrows in rags. At the hotel, Uncle Warwick, Dawn and the Trustees nickname them Doctor and Mole, and offer them shelter. No one knows where they’ve come from, including the young man who takes it upon himself to make a note of everything they do.

Lloyd Jones is the bestselling author of “Mister Pip”, which won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. His other books include “Hand Me Down World”, “The Book of Fame” and “A History of Silence”.

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