FULL DISCLOSURE de Camryn Garrett

An exciting new voice in YA literature !

by Camryn Garrett
Knopf, Fall 2018

Simone Garcia-Hampton is absolutely positive that having a crush is more dangerous than having HIV; after all, she’s got her viral load under control. Simone knows that her status isn’t a death sentence, as long as she remembers to take her medication and go to her doctor’s appointments, she can live a long, healthy life. There’s just one problem: she wants to have sex. Badly. She knows abstinence is the safest policy, she’s heard it almost every day of her life from her sweet and well-meaning Dads, and up until now, she’s been able to handle it herself, but Miles Austin has ruined that. He’s hot! He plays lacrosse! He asks Simone about her favorite plays because of how it lights her face up!  What’s a horny (but responsible) teenage girl to do!? Simone is already agonizing about how to tell Miles about her status, but she’s been burned before when she told people that she loved that she was positive—she even had to switch schools over it, leaving her boarding school when there was a huge public outcry from uneducated parents, not to mention a scarring shunning from the people she cared about most. She’s determined to keep her status a secret, but the cardinal rule of dating-while-positive is disclosure. Allowing herself to get close to Miles would be a gigantic risk. Before she’s able to figure out what to do, Simone finds a threatening note left in her locker: I know you have HIV. You have until Thanksgiving to stop hanging out with Miles. Or everyone else will know too. Simone’s journey to protect her secret and her heart at the same time is a thoughtful, compelling, heartwarming, romantic journey through the particular challenges of adolescence, written as only an (incredibly impressive) teen could do justice to.

Camryn Garrett is an incredible 17-year old who was hired by Time Magazine at age 14, and who has since written for Rookie Magazine, the Huffington Post, and more. She’s a Twitter celebrity, and is followed by a jaw-dropping cabal of NYT-bestselling authors.

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