Love is in the air… or is it?

Ein Geheimnis liegt in der Luft
(“The Magical Pharmacy” – Mystery Is In The Air)
by Anna Ruhe
Arena Verlag, January 2018

Well, certainly not if you open one of the small perfume bottles that Luzie, Matts and Benno find in a hidden room of an old villa. THE MAGICAL PHARMACY as they call it, is filled with shelves up to the ceiling that hold countless perfume bottles with iridescent and bubbling contents! Yet the bottles are not only full of surprises but they also contain a danger that has been concealed for a long time. And it should better have stayed locked away forever….
THE MAGICAL PHARMACY. Mystery Is In The Air is the first volume in a 3-book series. Volume 2 is due to be published in Autumn 2018.

Anna Ruhe is the author of SEA LAND and MOUNT CARAVAN.

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