THE LOST NIGHT de Andrea Bartz

A page-turning crime investigation like “Serial” wrapped in a psychological suspense novel like “Luckiest Girl Alive”, wrapped in a coming of age story of friendship in Brooklyn like “Girls”

by Andrea Bartz
Crown, March 2019

THE LOST NIGHT unfolds the story of a group of recent college grads living in a labyrinthine Brooklyn loft building in 2009. Both optimistic and deeply disaffected, the friends at the center of the novel coalesce into a group in the dark halls of Calhoun lofts, where cheap wine and beer and party drugs make easy friendships, and girls in crop tops and boys in neon shorts dance the night away under laser machines. But when Edie, the most beautiful and dynamic member of their group commits suicide, these “devoted” friends scatter to the wind and…grow up. Ten years later, a chance reunion between two of the surviving friends leads Lindsay, our heroine, now 33 and well beyond the artistic, yearning hipster phase of her early 20s, to start questioning if there was more to her friend’s death than the police concluded at time. This sets her off on a search through her old technology, her long-held assumptions and the truth about her own past that she’s been trying to out-run. As Lindsay gets closer and closer to discovering the truth of what happened to Edie, she must reckon with the dangerous lapses in her own memories of that night, and her ever-increasing suspicion that whoever harmed Edie may be planning to harm her too.

Andrea Bartz is a well-established freelance journalist and former editor. She writes consistently for a variety of women’s outlets including,, refinery29, Bustle, and

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