THE MELD de Jane Gilmartin

A Crichton-esque thriller about identity and facing the unknowns behind your true self

by Jane Gilmartin
On Submission
Agent: The Gernert Company  

The first time he saw his own replica, laid out on a bed, its eyes closed as though it might be dreaming, Jeremiah choked on his own breath.” So begins THE MELD, Jane Gilmartin’s stunning debut thriller.
Jeremiah Adams is having a textbook mid-life crisis: his marriage is stale, his teenage son avoids him, his compromise career is stalled, and his closest friend is the family dog. When his company asks him to take part in a revolutionary scientific experiment that will allow him to leave his life for one year in exchange for $10 million, it seems like the perfect escape hatch. But once sequestered, Jeremiah quickly realizes that watching the movie of your life causes existential angst to a Shakespearean degree. And when the people closest to him start dying, Jeremiah has to decide if he’s still the man he once was—and what he’s going to do about the man who became him. 

Jane Gilmartin has worked as a reporter and journalist her entire adult life. She lives in Hingham, MA with her husband and two children. For her 50th birthday, she took a fiction writing class at Grub Street. Four years later, THE MELD is her page-turning novel.

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