The WOODWALKERS Series de Katja Brandis

by Katja Brandis

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June 2016

At first glance Carag looks like a normal boy. Yet his bright eyes conceal a secret: Carag is a shapeshifter. Growing up as a puma in the woods, he has been living in the world of humans for a short period of time. His new life is as strange as it is fascinating to him. But it is only when Carag learns about Clearwater High, an boarding school for woodwalkers like him, that he starts to feel a sense of home. He makes friends with Holly, a cheeky red squirrel, and Brandon, a timid bison. And friends are what Carag needs now – because his new life is full of perils …

January 2017

It is winter in the Rocky Mountains. Carag and his classmates are thrilled to go on their first expeditions. But suddenly strange accidents occur around Clearwater High. Carag is immediately alarmed. Could the revengeful shapeshifter Andrew Milling be behind the accidents? Is Andrew still out to get Carag and his family? While seeking answers to these questions, Carag gets unexpected help from Tikaani, the snow wolf. But can a cougar really trust a wolf?

June 2017

What would be a shape-shifter without his friends? After his last fight against the vindictive Andrew Milling, Carag is happier than ever to have Brandon and Holly by his side. But somehow Holly is behaving very strangely lately. When suddenly strange thefts are happening around Clearwater High, Carag is immediately alarmed: Does Holly have something to do with it? Or are the wolves to blame who want to drive a wedge between him and his friend? Perhaps the new teacher for animal languages, Mr Goodfellow knows …

January 2018

A dream comes true! Carag, Holly and Brandon participate in a student exchange programme and travel to Costa Rica. Yet upon their arrival they find out that not only endearing monkeys, snappy turtles and turbulent trips to the rain forest await the Clearwater High pupils. All too soon Carag learns from Jaguar King that his opponent, Andrew Milling, has got a large number of followers in Costa Rica. So Carag, Holly and Brandon do everything in their power to stop his evil conspiracy against the human race.

Katja Brandis has been writing since her childhood and has published numerous novels for young readers.

· WOODWALKERS volume 4 is No 2 on the March DER SPIEGEL Bestseller list and will also be No. 2 in April
· Sales numbers in Germany are now at 190,000 copies
· Volume 5 will be published in June 2018 and the series ends with volume 6 in spring 2019
· A sequel for WOODWALKERS is also in the making (ETA autumn 2019)
· Movie companies are interested in WOODWALKERS

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