TO NIGHT OWL, FROM DOGFISH de Holly Goldberg Sloan & Meg Wolitzer

A middle-grade novel, co-written by an extraordinary duo of New York Times bestselling authors

by Holly Goldberg Sloan & Meg Wolitzer
Dial Books / Dutton, March 2019

In the vein of The Parent Trap (actually like a reverse- Parent Trap!), this delightful epistolary novel is told almost exclusively through email correspondence between two girls desperately trying to derail the bourgeoning relationship between their gay fathers.  An antic adventure ensues, revealing a full cast of quirky and diverse characters.  And despite their strikingly different personalities, the girls become close friends and discover the true meaning of family.
Avery Bloom is anxious and academic and afraid of the water. Bett Devlin is brash and athletic and loves to surf. The only things they seem to have in common are their age–twelve–and the fact that their dads have fallen in love with each other. Now their dads are sending them to the same sleepaway camp, against their will, so that they can become friends. But when the girls reluctantly grow to like each other and start looking forward to becoming a family, their dads fall out of love. Can Avery and Bett figure out a way to bring their fathers back together now that they can’t imagine a life without a stepsister?

Holly Goldberg Sloan is the NY Time bestselling author of COUNTING BY 7s and SHORT, as well as the award winning I’LL BE THERE and it’s follow up CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, and the early reader APPLEBLOSSOM THE POSSOM.  Meg Wolitzer is the NY Times bestselling author of THE FEMALE PERSUASION, THE INTERESTINGS, THE UNCOUPLING, THE TEN-YEAR NAP, THE POSITION, THE WIFE, and SLEEPWALKING, as well as the young adult novel, BELZHAR.  The talents of these two incredible writers have been meshed together seamlessly by each of their respective US editors, who worked together on this special project!

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