BLACK WINGS BEATING (The Skybound Saga #1) de Alex London

The first book in acclaimed children’s book author Alex London’s new epic trilogy!

(The Skybound Saga #1)
by Alex London
FSG for Young Readers, October 2018

The people of Uztar have long looked to the sky with hope and wonder. Nothing in their world is more revered than the birds of prey and no one more honored than the falconers who call them to their fists. Brysen strives to be a great falconer—while his twin sister, Kylee, rejects her ancient gifts for the sport and wishes to be free of falconry. She’s nearly made it out, too, but a war is rolling toward their home in the Six Villages, and no bird or falconer will be safe. Together the twins must journey into the treacherous mountains to trap the Ghost Eagle, the greatest of the Uztari birds and a solitary killer. Brysen goes for the boy he loves and the glory he’s long craved, and Kylee to atone for her past and to protect her brother’s future. But both are hunted by those who seek one thing: power. In this first young adult fantasy novel in a trilogy, Alex London launches a soaring saga about the memories that haunt us, the histories that hunt us, and the bonds of blood between us.

Alex London has written books for children, teens, and even a few grown-ups. He’s the author of the “Accidental Adventures” series, “Proxy”, and two titles in “The 39 Clues” series for young readers.

Next titles in this series: RED WINGS RISING #2 (October 2019), UNTITLED #3 (October 2020)

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