TAROT #1 by Marissa Kennerson

Perfect for fans of the Zodiac series and the Shadow and Bone trilogy, TAROT is the first book in a planned four book fantasy YA series that reimagines the tarot as the invention of sixteen-year-old Anna, daughter of a tyrannical king, who escapes into a world woven from her imagination

by Marissa Kennerson
Razorbill, February 2019

Anna was never supposed to exist. Born of a forbidden union between the Queen and the King’s archnemesis, Anna is forced to live out her days in isolation in a Tower, believing she is the daughter of the powerful, tyrannical Heirophant King.
Nearly sixteen years later, Anna is still in the Tower with only her mentors and friends the Hermit, the Fool, and the Magician to keep her company. She knows nothing of the world beyond the gates of the King’s land, where new ideas are considered treasonous and harmful. To pass the time, Anna dreams up unique worlds populated by creatives and dreamers–the exact opposite of the King’s land of fixed fates and rigid rules–and weaves them into four glorious tapestries.
But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday and her promised release from the Tower, Anna discovers her true lineage. She’s the daughter of Marco, a powerful magician, and the King is worried that his magical gifts are starting to surface in Anna. Fearing for her life, Anna flees the Tower and finds herself in a lush, tropical land full of all the adventure, free-spiritedness, and creativity she imagined while weaving.
Soon, Anna will discover that her tapestries are so much more than make believe. They’re the foundation for a new world that she is destined to create–as long as the menaces from the old world don’t catch up with her first.

Marissa Kennerson received her B.A. in English literature from the University of California, Berkeley. Before earning her master’s degree in psychology and art therapy, she worked for Wired and Glamour. She’s the author of the YA cult-suspense novel, “The Family”, which she did not write from personal experience, since the only cult she’s ever been in is the cult of YouTube makeup tutorials.

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