The Paris Diversion [is] a 100 mph thriller that all takes place within 12 hours. » —Ken Follett

by Chris Pavone
Crown, May 2019

The Paris Diversion features Kate and Dexter, the husband and wife from Chris Pavone’s Award-winning debut novel The Expats. In this new novel set entirely in Paris, the action picks up a couple of years later with Kate and Dexter’s relationship as complicated as ever and their life in Paris even more tension-filled in today’s high-stakes era of terrorism. Chris crafted this new novel so that readers unfamiliar with The Expats would find this new novel entirely satisfying, while those who previously read and loved his first book will be excited to return to the world of this couple whose dynamic is as complex on the inside as it seems normal on the outside.

Chris Pavones first novel, “The Expats”, was a New York Times bestseller, with twenty foreign editions and a major film deal, and received both the Edgar and Anthony awards for Best First Novel. “The Accident” (2014) and “The Travelers” (2016) were also national bestsellers. Chris was a book-publishing editor for nearly two decades.

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