FOUL IS FAIR de Hannah Capin

Sadie” meets “Cruel Intentions” in a reimagining of “Macbeth” for the #MeToo era

by Hannah Capin
Wednesday Books/Macmillan, TBA

Jade Khanjara and her three best friends rule their glittering LA circle. They get what they want. They destroy anyone who stands in their way. They decide how the party ends—every night but one. The night four St Andrew’s Prep lacrosse players mix poison into Jade’s drink and lock her in a room with white sheets and spinning lights. The night they try to ruin her.
But they chose the wrong girl. Certain the jocks from St Andrew’s will face no consequences, Jade takes vengeance into her own hands. There’s no mercy left: she won’t rest until each boy has met the fate she’s chosen for him. Until what’s done is done. Scorching, gripping, cathartic, FOUL IS FAIR is a primal scream against the privilege and patriarchy that have catalyzed #MeToo — and puts the power to tell the story back into the hands of the girl it belongs to. Golden boys beware.

Hannah Capin is the author of THE DEAD QUEENS CLUB (forthcoming in January 2019), a feminist retelling of the wives of Henry VIII. When she isn’t writing, she can be found singing with the Virginia Symphony Chorus, sailing on the Chesapeake, or—most recently—protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination from the steps of the Capitol.

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