Gabor Maté


Dr. Gabor Maté is a retired physician, international speaker and bestselling Canadian author whose books have sold over 400,000 copies in his own country and over 300,000 in the U.S. His book “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts” is considered a cornerstone of addiction psychology. During his three decades of medical work, Gabor specialized in addiction and psychotherapy, childhood trauma, and the mind/body connection in regard to illness. More than 100,000 people follow his Facebook page, and his YouTube lectures have multiple hundred thousand views. He was awarded his country’s highest civilian distinction, the Order of Canada, for his pioneering medical work in July 2018.

Daniel Maté is an award-winning composer, lyricist, dramatist and educator who holds an MFA from Tisch/NYU in Musical Theatre Writing. He leads the Hello Again workshop for parents and adult children with his father.

Your physical malaises and mental health issues aren’t abnormalities: they are normal responses to abnormal conditions

Illness and Health in an Insane Culture
Avery, Spring 2021

Illness and Health in an Insane Culture takes as its thesis that your malaises and maladies aren’t abnormalities, they are normal responses to abnormal conditions. When one’s body develops autoimmune diseases, or allergies, or fatigue, it is one’s body rebelling against the inhumane conditions of modern society. As Dr. Maté writes: “To be normal in this society is to confirm to requirements that are profoundly abnormal in regard to human nature itself.” Once we stop trying to be “normal” (because no such state in today’s world exists), Dr. Maté has suggestions for how to return our bodies to more realistic goals and combat the abnormalities of society. This book will be written with assistance from his son, Daniel Maté.


A candid, insightful practical guide for parents and adult children to redefine this unique relationship once matured from the stage of dependency

A Fresh Start for Adult Children and Their Parents
Avery, Spring 2022

A Fresh Start for Adult Children and Their Parents grew out of the wildly popular “Hello Again” events Dr. Maté ran with his son, Daniel. Dr. Maté found through his many decades as a psychologist that early childhood trauma can have a lasting effect on adults’ psychologies, and that this relationship to one’s parent is important beyond the point at which the “child” is no longer dependent on the “adult.” Once both parent and child are adults, what relationship do they have to one another? The book serves as a way to reintroduce adult children to their parents, and vice versa, through discussions and activities. Mending this relationship, or forming a stronger one, is vital to good mental health. This book will be co-written with his son Daniel Maté.


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