WINK de Rob Harrell

« The story of a boy’s survival that is both deeply personal and wildly funny »

by Rob Harrell
Dial Books for Young Readers,2020

When Rob himself was in his late 30’s, he battled a rare eye cancer—a brutal experience that, he says, he survived thanks to his wife, humor and music. Rob shares those memories throughout WINK – the story of a middle school kid named Ross, undergoing treatment for a rare eye cancer. The novel unfolds as Ross, his school, his family and his best friend all face the incredible challenges of Ross’s journey to survive. They don’t always cope well, but they will do it in ways hilarious, shocking, and touching. And like Rob did, they will do it with love, humor and music.

Rob is a syndicated cartoonist (« Adam at Home »), whose first book was a graphic novel with Top Shelf, Monster on the Hill, currently in production at Paramount as an animated feature (to be released in 2020).

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