LORE de Alexandra Bracken

Alexandra Bracken’s hotly anticipated new YA standalone is a high-octane and ambitious tale of power, destiny, redemption, and the inexorable forces that bind us together.

by Alexandra Bracken
Hyperion, January 2021

A lifetime ago, Lore Perseous left behind the brutal, opulent world of the Agon families—ancient Greek lines that participate in a merciless game every seven years. The Agon, divine retribution by Zeus for the gods’ rebellion, turns them mortal for one week, and at the mercy of men with godly ambitions. Only a handful of the original Greek gods remain, the rest replaced by the mortals who killed them and ascended. After her family’s sadistic murder by a rival line, Lore escapes and vows to repay her parents’ sacrifice by doing one thing—surviving. While adjusting to a quiet, unremarkable life in New York City, Lore has pushed back dark thoughts of revenge against the man responsible for their murder, a man who has attained unimaginable power. Except for one week, every seven years. A week that is fast approaching. When Lore comes home on the first night of the Agon to find gray-eyed Athena gravely wounded on her doorstep, the goddess offers her an alliance; they have a mutual enemy, after all. Lore’s decision to bind her fate with Athena’s will reverberate across history as the world trembles at the force of a new god…a god with the power to carve the world into a shape that will leave all of humanity at his mercy.

Alexandra Bracken is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Darkest Minds series and Passenger series. Born and raised in Arizona, she moved east to study history and English at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. After working in publishing for several years, she now writes full time. Her work is available across the world in over 15 languages and has been adapted for the big screen.

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