NACHTGESTALTEN de Jaroslav Rudiš & Nicolas Mahler

In the pub, they talk of life – Jaroslav Rudiš’s first graphic novel.

(Creatures of the Night)
by Jaroslav Rudiš & Nicolas Mahler

Luchterhand/PRH Germany, February 2021

One night, one city, and two friends who know that there’s nothing greater than the truth of the moment when the pubs close. Drifting from one beer to the next and one tale to the next, two creatures of the night tell incisive, smart stories full of subversive humour about the tragedy of love and the madness of life, as well as about the traces of history that lie beneath and never quite disappear.

Jaroslav Rudiš, born in 1972, is a prize-winning author, scriptwriter and dramatist. He studied German and history and worked as a teacher and journalist. Winterberg’s Last Journey, his first novel in German, was nominated for the 2019 Leipzig Book Fair Prize.
Nicolas Mahler, born in 1969, is a comic book artist and illustrator. He has won several prizes, including the 2010 Max & Moritz Prize for best German comic artist. His most recent book is his graphic interpretation of Ulysses, published by Suhrkamp.

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