THE MYTHICS de Lauren Magaziner, illustré par Mirelle Ortega

A major new middle-grade series from bestselling author Lauren Magaziner! Brimming with girl power, laugh-out-loud humor and lively illustrations, this is the kind of kid-friendly series that turns a child into a lifelong reader—perfect for fans of Pokémon, Sailor Moon, The Princess in Black, and Steven Universe.

by Lauren Magaziner
ill. by Mirelle Ortega
Katherine Tegen/HarperCollins, Fall 2022
(via Writers House)

On an annual Pairing Day, every ten-year-old in the world gets an animal familiar. The human and familiar bond for life. But on this year’s Pairing Day, five girls don’t get any familiar at all. . . only to find out that they are something called Mythics. Instead of their familiars coming to them, they have to go find their familiars. The Mythics’ familiars aren’t regular animals like everyone else’s familiars; they are mythical beasts that the Mythics must earn in quests of courage. The Mythics only appear in times of world turmoil and they must work together as a team to save the world from danger.
Each book in this heavily-illustrated middle grade series is narrated from a different girl’s perspective, which tackles big and truly empowering themes such as trust, acceptance, teamwork, and forgiveness. Join the journey with Marina and her kraken, Hailey and her dragon, Kit and her nine-tailed fox, Ember and her phoenix, and Pippa and her unicorn.

Lauren Magaziner grew up in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and is a proud graduate of Hamilton College. She currently lives in Philadelphia. She is the author of humorous middle-grade books: the Case Closed series (Mystery in the Mansion, Stolen from the Studio, and Haunting at the Hotel), Wizardmatch, Pilfer Academy and The Only Thing Worse Than Witches. Her next project, Case Closed 4 releases in Summer 2022.
Mirelle Ortega is a Mexican illustrator, storyteller and concept artist. She’s an avid reader (and learner), a fan of science fiction and magic realism, and a lover of classic films and animation. She often draws inspiration from Latin American cultures and a wide range of subjects. Mirelle is constantly mixing the whimsical and the ordinary in colorful compositions that are both bold and vibrant.

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