On a lush island hidden from the human world, the plain, mortal daughter of forgotten sea gods harbors a secret wish: to be remembered.

by Ayana Gray
(via Park & Fine Literary and Media)

With beautiful, otherworldly siblings and primordial parents, Meddy feels her lot in life is to be a footnote in others’ stories. Her search for an elixir of immortality and the greatness she imagines it will bring only results in a string of near-fatal accidents. Then, an apparent murder brings the Greek goddess Athena to the island. With her comes an opportunity to become one of Athena’s esteemed temple maidens—and, Meddy hopes, the chance to find the immortality she so greatly covets.

Soon, Meddy finds herself flourishing in her role as Athena’s right hand, and well on her way to becoming both illustrious and immortal. But when Meddy catches the eye of another powerful Olympian, Poseidon, a drunken encounter between girl and god ends in tragedy, and the course of Meddy’s promising life is suddenly and violently altered, forever.

Condemned for a crime she did not commit, a young woman called Medusa now nurtures a different wish: to be more than the despised monster she sees in the mirror. But as Medusa adapts to her life as a gorgon, she also embraces a new identity—not as a victim, but as a vigilante—and with it, a chance to write her own story…as mortal, martyr, and myth.

Ayana Gray is the New York Times bestselling author of Beasts of Prey, Beasts of Ruin, and the forthcoming Beasts of War. To date, her works have been translated in ten languages across five continents; received critical recognition at the state and national level; and have been featured on Good Morning America, Tamron Hall, People Magazine, and Oprah Daily among others. She often writes stories that explore Blackness through a speculative lens, and in her spare time can be found lecturing at writing workshops across the country. Originally from Atlanta, she now lives in Central Arkansas, where she continues to write stories filled with monsters, myths, and magic.

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