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CODIFIED d’Andrew Smith

From award-winning journalist Andrew Smith, contributing writer for the Sunday Times and the Guardian, CODIFIED is an immersive, sharp-eyed tour of the world of computer programming, told through Smith’s own journey to learn how to code.

by Andrew Smith
‎ Atlantic Monthly Press/Grove Atlantic, Winter 2024

Andrew Smith’s first book, Moondust, was a #1 UK and international bestseller, nominated for two British Book Awards (including Read of the Year), and cited by the Times as one of its “100 Best Books of the Decade.” His follow-up Totally Wired—centered on the late 1990s dot-com bubble and its tumultuous crash—was published to rave reviews, hailed as “effervescent and vivid . . . a book whose time has come” (Sunday Times). Smith’s latest, CODIFIED, is a mesmerizing, up-to-the-minute account of the world of coders, as experienced through his own endeavor to become one.
Throughout history, technological revolutions have been driven by the invention of machines. But today, the power of the tech transforming our world lies in an intangible and impenetrable cosmos of software: algorithmic code. So symbiotic has our relationship with this code become that we barely notice it anymore. We can’t see it, are not even sure how to think about it, and yet we do almost nothing that doesn’t depend on it. In a world increasingly governed by technologies that so few can comprehend, who controls the future?
CODIFIED follows Andrew Smith on his immersive trip into the world of coding, taking us behind the scenes into the lives—and minds—of the new gatekeepers of the 21st century: those who write code. Smith embarks on a quest to understand this sect in what he believes to be the only way possible: by learning to code himself. Along the way, he becomes involved with a wild array of characters and takes part in several lively rituals of initiation into the coding world: he visits a global coding conference in Ohio, where he meets the creator of the Python programming language; and he takes part in a 24-hour “hackathon” in Silicon Valley, a Darwinian race to see who can build the best app overnight. At the start of his odyssey he travels to Magdeburg, Germany to have his brain scanned by a team of scientists studying the effects of coding on the human brain and will share the results of the final comparison scan. Smith delivers a vivid, effervescent portrait of a culture working in an office or coworking space near you—all while wrestling with everything that’s at stake in this stage of technological evolution. How do we control a technology that most people can’t understand? And are we programming ourselves out of existence? By-turns illuminating, alarming, and amusing, CODIFIED is an essential book for our times.

Smith is an ideal narrator: sharp-eyed yet increasingly affectionate about his subjects; expert enough to dissect Apollo minutiae clearly but not so obsessed as to leave a general reader trailing in the jetwash.”
Financial Times on Moondust

A brilliant exploration of madness and genius in the early days of the web. Fascinatingly weird . . . terrific.”
Guardian on Totally Wired

A rich mix of cultural history, reportage and personal reflection.” —Evening Standard on Moondust

Highly entertaining . . . [Smith’s] superb book is a fitting tribute to a unique band of 20th-century heroes.”
GQ on Moondust

Andrew Smith has worked as a critic and feature writer for the Sunday Times, the Guardian, the Observer, and The Face, and has penned documentaries for the BBC. He is the author of the internationally bestselling book Moondust, about the nine remaining men who walked on the moon between 1969 and 1972, and Totally Wired. He was raised in the UK and currently lives in California.

Le meilleur de 2014 selon Publishers Weekly

La fin de l’année approche et il est temps de faire les premiers bilans. Publishers Weekly vient ainsi de dévoiler ses listes pour les meilleurs titres de 2014, avec parmi nos représentations :

Premier dans le Top Ten, tous genres confondus, l’essai de Eula Biss, ON IMMUNITY : AN INOCULATION (Graywolf), publié en septembre 2014.

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Ce titre est bien sûr également présent dans le classement dédié à la Non Fiction. Dans la même liste, le courageux témoignage du journaliste afro-américain Charles McKay Blow, FIRE SHUT UP IN MY BONES (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) et LIVE IN RUINS de Marilyn Johnson (Harper), alors que LEARNING TO WALK IN THE DARK de Barbara Brown Taylor (HarperOne) et THE ZIMZUM OF LOVE de Rob and Kristen Bell (HarperOne) figurent dans la liste Religion.

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Dans la liste Fiction, on retrouve EUPHORIA de Lily King (Atlantic Monthly, bientôt publié par les édition Christian Bourgois) et THIS IS THE WATER de Yannick Murphy (Harper), et parmi les Mysteries/Thrillers, le dernier roman de Bradford Morrow, THE FORGERS (Grove) ainsi que THE MARTIAN de Andy Weir (Crown, publié en France par les Éditions Bragelonne). A DARKLING SEA de James L. Cambias (Tor) figure quant à lui dans la catégorie SF/Fantasy/Horror.

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En jeunesse, dans la catégorie Middle Grade, figurent le roman de fantasy THE WITCH’S BOY de Kelly Barnhill (Algonquin Young Readers), RAIN REIGN de Ann M. Martin (Feiwel and Friends) et le premier volet d’une nouvelle série pour les plus jeunes : DORY FANTASMAGORY de Abby Hanlon (Dial, droits pour la France acquis par Hachette Jeunesse).
Enfin, en Young Adult, les critiques de Publisher Weekly ont sélectionné THE IMPOSSIBLE KNIFE OF MEMORY de Laurie Halse Anderson (Viking, bientôt publié en France par La Belle Colère) et GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE de Andrew Smith (Dutton).