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THE WOLF DEN de Elodie Harper

An engaging, female-focussed novel set in ancient Pompeii, from an exciting new voice in historical fiction.

by Elodie Harper
Head of Zeus UK, May 2021
(chez Mushens Entertainment – voir catalogue)

The streets of Pompeii have a life of their own: the cries of the hawkers, the beauty and dirt of the crowds, the shifts in mood from delight to danger. These are the streets that have become Amara’s home. Day after day she must walk them, looking for business to bring back to her master’s house: the Wolf Den, Pompeii’s infamous brothel. The realities of her existence are made bearable by the other she-wolves at the Wolf Den. Together they can gossip, offer comfort and dream; and their dreams, when woven together, create a picture of life that makes Amara catch her breath. They may only be dreams for now, as insubstantial as the candle smoke that follows the flame, but Amara is determined to make them burn bright. She is only a slave in this beginning, but all good stories must start somewhere…

Elodie Harper is a journalist and prize-winning short story writer. Her story ‘Wild Swimming’ won the 2016 Bazaar of Bad Dreams short story competition, which was judged by Stephen King. She is currently a reporter and presenter at ITV News Anglia, and before that worked as a producer for Channel 4 News.

THE BINDING SONG d’Elodie Harper

A psychological thriller that will appeal to readers of THE GIRL IN THE RED COAT and I LET YOU GO, but also branch out into a wider crime readership

by Elodie Harper
Agent: United Talent

Inmates are killing themselves at Halvergate, and nobody can say why, least of all the prison psychologist who has disappeared.  His replacement, Dr Janet Palmer, arrives from London expecting to restore order, and hoping to bury her own demons once and for all. Instead she is plunged into a claustrophobic, corrupt world, where the isolation of the Norfolk landscape is almost as chilling as her colleagues. The inmates speak of ‘a white woman’ who stalks the corridors, the physical embodiment of their victims, seeking vengeance from beyond the grave. But  As the violence escalates, Janet fears Halvergate is haunted, not by ghosts, but by a far darker psychological terror.  Can Janet unravel the mystery, or will she too fall prey to whatever is driving the men to their deaths?

Elodie Harper is currently a staff reporter and presenter at ITV News Anglia, where she has won industry awards for her work.  Her job has seen her join one of the most secretive wings of the Church of Scientology, cover the far right hip hop scene in Berlin, and record daily life in schools for the UK’s most vulnerable children.  While Halvergate is fictional, she has used her experience as a journalist to ensure it reflects the pressures and realities of a contemporary prison in a part of the world she knows well.