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THE POWER OF MEANING de Emily Esfahani Smith

Mise à jour du 13 octobre 2016: droits cédés à Leduc.s

Crown Publishing a préempté les droits d’un nouveau et ambitieux projet de non-fiction, dont l’auteur est une journaliste de The Atlantic :

« It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness »

by Emily Esfahani Smith
Crown, Spring 2016

This project began as a viral Atlantic piece, « There’s More to Life Than Being Happy, » which became the most-read piece on the magazine’s website for a month, with over a million online readers, and the most shared in the magazine’s history.

In THE POWER OF MEANING, Emily Esfahani Smith writes of a growing sense that the popular hunt for happiness is failing us. Emily argues that all of the early research and « how to be happy » books have been important stepping stones, but the real quest should be for meaning, the key to a content, full life. The academic world of positive psychology is already shifting their research and their focus, and for the first time, THE POWER OF MEANING takes readers inside the new studies and the argument for leaving the happiness rat race behind in favor of a quest for meaning.

Based on prodigious reporting and a brilliant survey of emerging cognitive science, Emily illustrates how people are longing to achieve meaning by breaking free from the self-serving pursuit of happiness and by providing service to others. By bringing their unique talents and life purpose to bear, forging strong deep relationships with friends and family, and connecting with sources of spiritual inspiration and guidance, a true meaning can be realized.

Emily Esfahani Smith is a writer for The Atlantic, the managing editor at The New Criterion and editor-in-chief of Acculturated. Her front page essay for the New York Times about meaning appeared on the cover of the Sunday Review section.

UPDATE (April 1st 2014): Two substantial deals have been just concluded in the UK with Rider/RH UK and with Goldmann/Mosaik (Random House Germany).