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LUCIDITY de Louisa de Lange

The Widow” meets “Inception”, LUCIDITY is a psychological thriller about the family ties that hurt and bind, and the thing that matters most: a mother’s love for her son

by Louisa de Lange
Orion, Fall 2018  

What if the perfect life turns out to be just a dream?
Annie has had a bad start in life. But things are set to change when she meets the charming David: rich, successful, handsome, every inch the perfect husband. And soon they have a son to match.
But love can be a means for control. While David works all hours, Annie finds herself a virtual prisoner in her own home. Her only escape is in her sleep, a dream world she can control, where anything is possible. Can she take back control of her life before it’s too late?  

Louisa de Lange studied Psychology at the University of Southampton, before spending many years working in HR. She is now a copywriter and editor.