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DECENCY de Rye Curtis

Mise à jour du 28 février 2018 : droits cédés aux éditions Gallmeister

With brilliant plotting and original language, DECENCY is an incredibly moving and suspenseful debut novel

by Rye Curtis
4th Estate (UK), TBA
Agent: Doug Stewart (Sterling Lord Literistic)

A 72-year-old Texan woman named Cloris Waldrip is the lone survivor of a small plane crash in the mountains of Montana. While mourning the loss of her husband, Cloris decides to fight for her life, something she is ill-prepared to do. As she struggles to stay alive, she receives help from the most unlikely person, and the experience changes who she is forever. Cloris narrates her adventure in the first person as a 90-something woman living in an assisted living facility and she is an unforgettable character. Meanwhile the second storyline, told in third person, centers around Park Ranger Lewis, a woman struggling with alcoholism and loneliness, just out of a messy divorce. While Cloris is literally lost, Lewis is equally lost in a metaphorical sense. She finds herself in the company of more people than she’s accustomed to while she forms a search party for Cloris.

Rye Curtis is 30 years old, originally from Amarillo, Texas, but now lives in Brooklyn, New York. Rye did his undergraduate degree at Columbia University where he was a student of James Hannaham’s (the author of DELICIOUS FOODS and GOD SAYS NO). DECENCY is his debut novel.