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Strong minded, brave and full of hope – the struggle for survival of an extraordinary girl

by Kim Kestner
Arena Verlag, June 2017

It is the only chance she will ever have: When the Emperor calls for « blossom », Yuri knows what she has to do. But the selection process, in which only the perfect ones get a place on the surface is hard and relentless – and Yuri is not immaculate enough to participate in it. Still, nothing will stop her. She wants to leave the dark cave, where she had to spend her whole life at all costs. Dressed as a boy, she hides amongst the subjects. However, it is the Emperor’s son of all people who is paying special attention to her. Has he seen through Yuri’s cover? Or does the Prince play a double game himself?

Kim Kestner studied visual communication and managed a marketing agency before she started to write. Since then she has published successful teen novels. Her “Zeitrausch” trilogy received the Lovelybooks Audience Award for second best e-book. “Anima” is her first book published by Arena. Kim Kestner and her family make their home south of Hamburg.