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THE UNSEEING d’Anna Mazzola

An exceptional historical fiction novel, on par with Jessie Burton’s THE MINIATURIST

by Anna Mazzola
Tinder Press (UK), Summer 2016
Agent: The Agency Group

 1837. A woman’s dismembered body parts are found across London. Sarah Gale, sometime seamstress and fallen woman, is sentenced to hang for her alleged role in the murder and although she professes her innocence she is certainly hiding darkness in her past. Edmund Fleetwood is a young, idealistic lawyer, who is tasked with examining her case: the death penalty was seen as an extreme punishment for a woman, and someone behind the scenes has been exerting pressure on the home office to investigate. The stakes for both are high. Edmund has untold gambling debts which he must urgently settle, and Sarah is desperate to escape with her life. As the two grow closer, the barriers between confessor and penitent start to blur, and in Sarah’s cell secrets are told as if no one else is listening. When Edmund ultimately holds her fate in his hands, how will he ensure that he makes the right decision? For is she the victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice, or a dangerous and devious criminal?

Part Alias Grace, part Burial Rites, this is a haunting and page-turning narrative that takes the reader deep into the underbelly of Victorian England, into a world where the gap between respectability and poverty balances on a knife’s edge, and where to be a penniless woman is one of the most dangerous fates of all. Inspired by a true murder, this is a gripping novel with many twists and turns and an incredible sense of setting and time. I spent the book alternately convinced that Sarah was innocent, and then guilty, and read the denouement in one, compulsive gulp.

THE UNSEEING is Anna Mazzola‘s first novel. It won the Brixton Bookjam Debut Novel competition, the Space to Write first page competition and was highly commended in the Winchester Festival novel competition. Anna’s short fiction has also won or been placed in several competitions. She came runner up in the 2014 Grazia First Chapter competition judged by Sarah Waters, and, more recently, Short Story Sunday selected her historical crime story, Proof of the Pudding, for the grand finale of their Christmas special. She is a criminal justice solicitor, based in Camberwell. Anna is currently working on a second novel about the mysterious disappearance of young girls on the Isle of Skye in 1860.


Letters can conjure up more than just memories

by Eve Makis
Sandstone Press, March 2015
Agent: The Agency Group

Journalist Katerina Knight longs to know why her late grandmother, Mariam, so rarely spoke about her past. She inherits a journal and handwritten letters stashed in a wooden spice box, cryptic treasures written in Armenian, her grandmother’s native language. On a spring break in Cyprus, Katerina meets Ara, a young Armenian man, who agrees to act as translator, and an extraordinary tale unfolds.

In 1915, aged seven, Mariam was expelled from her home in Eastern Turkey and separated from her family, her life scarred by tragedy, exile and the loss of her first love. As a child, she witnessed the murder of her beloved brother, Gabriel, or so she believed. With Ara’s help, Katerina finds the great uncle she thought was dead, but another miracle is on the horizon. She unearths a family secret that changes her life and lays the ghosts of her grandmother’s turbulent past to rest.

THE SPICE-BOX LETTERS is a powerful novel that will appeal to fans of Victoria Hislop’s THE ISLAND.

Eve Makis is the author of three previous novels published by Transworld. Her debut EAT, DRINK AND BE MARRIED was published in five languages and awarded the Young Booksellers International Book of the Year Award. A screen adaptation of her third novel, LAND OF THE GOLDEN APPLE, has been optioned by APM Filmworks and is currently in pre-production (The Boy on the Bridge – Greek language).

Rights sold in:

UK/Commonwealth ex Canada –Sandstone Press
Greek – Psichogios
Italy – Newton Compton


Mise à jour du 20 avril 2015 : droits cédés aux éditions Belfond

A funny, brave, zeitgeisty, epic debut

by Jade Chang
Agent: Sasha Raskin – The Agency Group

THE WANGS V. THE WORLD is a new take on belonging in America, with immigrants who don’t yearn for acceptance or struggle to fit in. Instead, they’re here to knock shit down and rebuild the country in their own image!
A bit of family history: its author, Jade Chang, was born in America, but for generations, the Changs (her father’s side) and the Baos (her mother’s side) were wealthy landowners who presided over vast estates in Mainland China. When the Communists won the Chinese Civil War in 1949, her grandparents were lucky enough to flee to Taiwan along with the remains of the Nationalist Army. On that tiny island they socialized primarily with other displaced Mainlanders and taught their children, her parents, to long for a lost China.
Charles Wang, the patriarch at the heart of THE WANGS V. THE WORLD, shares the same background as Jade’s parents, and that same yen for his family’s unseen acres. He is a brash, brilliant, lovable asshole who came to America and built a cosmetics fortune. When the book begins, it is the late summer of 2008 and thanks to a bad case of “irrational exuberance” he has just lost it all.
Now all Charles wants is to get his family safely stowed away so that he can go back to China, the homeland he has never even seen, and attempt to reclaim his ancestral lands. THE WANGS V. THE WORLD follows the Wang family on a cross-country journey from their foreclosed Bel-Air home to the Upstate New York retreat of Charles’ eldest daughter, Saina, an art world It girl in hiding after the disaster of her most recent show and the breakup of her engagement. Charles pulls Andrew, his virginal, aspiring comedian son, and Grace, his style-and-suicide-obsessed teen daughter, out of schools that he can no longer afford and packs them into the only car that wasn’t repossessed—along with their wealth-addicted stepmother, Barbra. The story is told from all five of the Wangs’ third-person POVs. But with his son waylaid by a much-older temptress in New Orleans, his wife ready to defect for a set of 1,000-thread-count sheets, and an epic smash-up in North Carolina, Charles may have to choose between the old world and the new, between keeping his family intact and finally, finally fulfilling his dream of China.

Jade Chang has covered arts and culture for publications like Metropolis Magazine (where she was the West Coast Editor for several years), the BBC, the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Glamour, and others. She is currently at Goodreads, where she works on editorial strategy.