L’écriture selon Bukowski : des lettres inédites à paraître en 2015 !

La nouvelle ravira les milliers de fans de l’auteur : l’éditeur ECCO publiera en juillet 2015 le premier de trois volumes inédits de Charles Bukowski. ON WRITING précédera CATS (octobre 2015) et LOVE (Février 2016).

ON WRITING est un recueil autour d’un sujet qui a toujours obsédé le plus irrévérencieux des écrivains américains : l’écriture.

Piercing, unsentimental, and often hilarious, ON WRITING is made up of never-before-published letters about the subject that obsessed Bukowski the most: writing

by Charles Bukowski
Ecco, July 2015

Charles Bukowski was one of our most iconoclastic, raw, and riveting writers, one whose stories, poems, and novels have left an enduring mark on our culture. ON WRITING collects Bukowski’s reflections and ruminations on the craft that he dedicated his life to. Piercing, unsentimental, and often hilarious, ON WRITING is filled not only with memorable lines but also with the author’s trademark toughness, leavened with moments of grace, pathos, and intimacy. In the correspondence collected here–letters to publishers, editors, friends, and fellow writers–Bukowski is brutally frank about the drudgery of work and canny and uncompromising when it comes to the absurdities of life-and of art. Still, he is always “effortlessly, magnetically readable” (Booklist), a true American legend and counterculture icon whose hard-edged, complex humanity is fully on display here. The “laureate of American lowlife,” a writer associated with the downtrodden and depraved, Bukowski was still always–and indelibly–in tune with the life of the mind.

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