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After a lifetime of bounties and bloodshed, Viv is hanging up her sword for the last time.

by Travis Baldree
Ten Speed Graphic, October 2024

The battle-weary orc aims to start fresh, opening the first-ever coffee shop in the city of Thune. But old and new rivals stand in the way of success―not to mention the fact that no one has the faintest idea what coffee actually is.

If Viv wants to put the blade behind her and make her plans a reality, she won’t be able to go it alone. After all, true rewards of the uncharted path are the travelers you meet along the way. And whether drawn together by ancient magic, flaky pastry, or a freshly brewed cup, they may become partners, family, and something deeper than she ever could have dreamed.

This full color graphic novel adaptation brings the high fantasy and low stakes of this beloved story to vibrant life as its never been seen before.

Travis Baldree is a full-time audiobook narrator who has lent his voice to hundreds of stories. Before that, he spent decades designing and building video games like Torchlight, Rebel Galaxy, and Fate. Apparently, he now also writes books. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his very patient family and their small, nervous dog.

BACKCHANNEL de Stan Lee, Tom Akel & Andie Tong

One of the final projects of the legendary Stan Lee and beautifully illustrated by Spider-Man veteran Andie Tong, about an ordinary high school student who is recruited by a mysterious hacktavist group and discovers a dark secret from his police detective father’s past that could change their relationship forever.

by Stan Lee, Tom Akel & Andie Tong
Rocketship Entertainment, March 2023
(via JABberwocky)

While developing a highly sophisticated AI algorithm, a power awakens within Tom that grants him the ability to mentally hack into any device (technopathy). While initially using this newfound power for personal gain and petty revenge, he learns of a dark secret from his father’s past that will change him forever.
In need of a moment of escapism, Tom returns to his favorite digital comics. This time though, the comic is disturbingly on point with what Tom has been experiencing. As he continues to read, Tom realizes that there are encrypted messages in the comic from an unknown ally who clearly knows everything Tom has been up to.
When he discovers that the hacktivist group BACKCHANNEL has been tracking him and is aware of his new abilities and reaching out to him for help, Tom is set on a very dangerous path.

Stan Lee was a successful writer and editor, known to millions of fans world-wide as the co-creator of beloved superheroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men, The Fantastic Four, and countless more that propelled Marvel to its preeminent position in the comic book industry. Most recently, Stan was the Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, which he founded with Gill Champion. For nearly two decades, POW! has brought Stan’s original characters and stories to television, feature films, and publishing for audiences around the globe. POW! continues to perpetuate Stan’s legacy by sharing his new creations and celebrating the impact he has had on popular culture worldwide.
Tom Akel is the co-writer of Stan Lee’s BACKCHANNEL and the CEO & Publisher of Rocketship Entertainment – a publishing, consumer product, and entertainment company with multiple Eisner-nominated and Ringo Award-winning series. Prior to Rocketship, Tom led the U.S. expansion of Webtoon where he oversaw a portfolio of over 150 titles while developing key partnerships while, an an editor, winning back to back Ringo Awards for Best Webcomic for Dean Haspiel’s The Red Hook and Sanford Greene’s 1000, as well as an Eisner nomination for Ryan Benjamin’s Brothers Bond. He previously served as Executive Producer and Executive Editor of MTV Digital, responsible for 360 digital extensions of 175 seasons of MTV shows ranging from Teen Wolf to Jersey Shore, and while there founded MTV Geek and MTV Comics. Tom holds an MFA in Design + Technology from Parsons School of Design in New York and resides in Los Angeles, CA.
Andie Tong is a Malaysian comic artist who currently resides in Singapore. His past titles include Tekken, Green Lantern Legacy, Spectacular Spider-Man UK, Star Wars, The Batman Strikes!, and Tron: Betrayal. Since 2005, Andie has worked with companies including Disney, Lucasarts, Marvel, DC and Darkhorse. Outside of comics, he has done commercial work for DC, Nike, Mforma, Universal, CBS, Mattel, Hasbro and illustrations for Whitewolf’s fantasy gaming books. In 2013, Andie illustrated the New York Times bestselling Disney series The Zodiac Legacy created by the late Stan Lee and written by Stuart Moore.


Don’t miss a minute of this action-packed thrill ride—#1 New York Times bestseller ALI CROSS in fullcolor!

by James Patterson
JIMMY Patterson, July 2024
(via Kaplan/DeFiore Rights)

Ali Cross has always dreamed of following in the footsteps of his father, famous detective Alex Cross, who never gives up on a case. Ali’s chance to prove himself arrives sooner than he might think when his best friend, Gabe, goes missing.

But the more Ali digs, the more he realizes maybe he didn’t know his friend as well as he thought. At the same time, his house is hit in a string of burglaries. With his father on trial for a crime he didn’t commit, Ali is on his own to piece together the clues. Will Ali be able to trust his instincts and find his friend—or is he in over his head?

This action-packed, page-turning, full-color graphic novel is a blockbuster addition to any shelf.

James Patterson is the world’s bestselling author. The creator of Max Einstein and Middle School, he founded JIMMY Patterson to publish books that young readers will love. He lives in Florida with his family.

TARZON OF THE EEPS de Mike de Seve

A cyborg’s fight to save his jungle. High satire by Mike de Seve.

by Mike de Seve
(via The Lennon-Ritchie Agency)

Planet Eep: home to the Eeps, a colony of stupid little battle robots who evolved to survive in their extraterrestrial jungle. TheEeps rebuilt Tarzon after finding his body, equipping him with self-regenerating biomechanics that grew as he grew. Just asTarzon reached his early cyborg adulthood, humans invaded Planet Eep. Carrying blob technology, the humans’ high-poweredblobcrafts fired blob-lasers all over the planet. To them, Planet Eeb is the perfect setting for a blob-themed amusement park.Tarzon and the Eeps look like primate-level tech compared to the humans’ blobcrafts, but they’ll tear anyone limb from limb todefend their jungle.

Everything changes when Captain Jane Proter arrives. Her family’s own centuries-old pre-colonial past gives her a possible linkto understanding a supposed ‘savage’ like Tarzon. Are the values she now defends as corrupted as she suspects? Tarzon’s simplesense of right, wrong and love for the jungle may be the only hope to save the Eeps and their civilization.

Mike de Seve is an Emmy-nominated animation writer and director working in feature films and television. He is founder of Baboon Animation, acollective of some of the most accomplished animation writers in the US, with 31 Emmys among them and clients including Disney, Netflix,Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Warner Brothers. At DreamWorks, Mike was a script consultant on six films, including Madagascar (on which hewas also a sequence director), Shrek 2 and Shrek 3, and he co-wrote the original story, with Mark Osborne, for Monsters VS Aliens. At Paramount,Mike was a director and writer on the feature film Beavis and Butt-Head Do America. In Television, Mike has head-written for and/or directed suchiconic series as Angry Birds Toons, Sesame Street, Pocoyo and Saturday Night Live, and for numerous major clients such as Disney, WarnerBros., Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and DreamWorks He’s lately focused on applying his company’s skills and relationships toward progressivecauses – such as the launch of Baboon Animation Africa, integrating BIPOC talent into the industry, and addressing climate change with fun kids’content.


Uriel Driscoll was born into a family with an amazing gift…and a terrible curse.

by Caitlin Like
Dark Horse Books, October 2023
(via KT Literary)

Invited to the exclusive Aisling Academy, run by his own mysterious grandfather, Uriel finds the curse is the least of his problems: horrible accidents keep befalling the students, ghosts roam the halls, and Uriel isn’t sure he can sing in the first place! And if Uriel can’t find a way to break his family’s curse, he’ll have to leave his new school, and his new friends, forever…

Pefect for fans of Neil Gaiman, The Phantom of the Opera, ghosts, and fae!

Caitlin Like is a cartoonist from Portland, Oregon. THE HUNDREDTH VOICE is her debut graphic novel.