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ALL THE SINNERS BLEED de S.A. Cosby remporte le Grand prix des lectrices de Elle 2024


S.A. Cosby a remporté hier soir le Grand prix des lectrices de Elle dans la catégorie policier pour ALL THE SINNERS BLEED, paru chez Sonatine en janvier 2024 sous le titre LE SANG DES INNOCENTS (traduction de Pierre Szczeciner).

Le Grand prix des lectrices de Elle a été créé en 1970 par Hélène Lazareff en opposition aux jurys littéraires traditionnellement composés de professionnels (écrivains, journalistes ou éditeurs). En effet, les vainqueurs du prix Elle sont désignés par un jury de lectrices amateurs indépendantes. La création des catégories « Prix Elle du meilleur roman » et « Prix Elle du meilleur document » remonte à 1977, et fut étendue au meilleur roman policier à partir de 2002. Chaque année, 120 lectrices sont sélectionnées parmi les candidates ayant présenté leurs lectures et une chronique de livre. Elles sont organisées autour de 8 jury tournants mensuels de quinze lectrices et seront chargées de lire l´ensemble de la sélection faite par le magazine Elle qui exclut d´office les titres déjà reconnus par les grands prix littéraires. En 2024, 56 livres étaient sélectionnés toutes catégories confondues.


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PEOPLE COLLIDE de Isle McElroy bientôt adapté en série tv

Abbi Jacobson, co-créatrice et star de la série Broad City, adaptera le roman de Isle McElroy en série TV.  C’est la société Killer Films (Boys Don’t Cry, I’m Not There, Mildred Pierce, Still Alice, Carol…) qui produira la série en partenariat avec UCP (Monk, Suits, Mr. Robot, The Umbrella Academy…) Abbi Jacobson écrira également le scénario tiré du roman.

Isle McElroy a fait part de son enthousiasme pour ce projet : “I’ve been a massive fan of Abbi Jacobson’s work for years, and I’m thrilled by her vision for the project. I can’t think of a better writer to capture People Collide’s mix of intimacy, drama, and humor. Killer Films has made some of my favorite movies of all time. I deeply admire their commitment to creating unique, unforgettable work. I’m so grateful for the enthusiasm UCP has brought to People Collide. It’s an honor to be working together.”

(Lire l’article de Deadline)

Le roman PEOPLE COLLIDE, publié aux États-Unis chez HarperVia en septembre 2023, explore les notions de genre, d’identité, de couple et de sexualité, et soulève des questions profondes sur la vraie nature des relations amoureuses :

Engrossing, eye-opening, and provocative, PEOPLE COLLIDE delivers a clever twist on the “body swap” concept. Set mainly in Bulgaria and France, the novel centers on the courtship and marriage of Elijah and his wife, Elizabeth. On an otherwise regular day, Eli wakes up alone in the cramped Bulgarian apartment he shares with his more organized and successful wife, and finds himself, somehow, in her body. His male body has vanished, and the person who once resided in Elizabeth’s is gone without a trace. He comes to label this transformation as “the Incident”.  Everyone they know assumes Eli abandoned Elizabeth suddenly and without explanation. What follows is a search across Europe for a missing woman—and a roving, no-holds-barred exploration of gender, identity, and embodied experience. As Eli learns to live in Elizabeth’s body (and wonders if he has lost his mind), he also begins to wonder: will their once vibrant, recently stagnant marriage finally wither in their new bodies? Or could it actually thrive?

« A more agile, universal book, with its title alluding to the randomness of human connection. It’s a variety of rom-com, really, that somewhat lost art. . . . [People Collide‘s] naturalness and ease with the most fundamental questions of existence make it a big project knocking around in a small package, portending even bigger projects ahead. » — The New York Times

« People Collide takes a sudden turn in its final pages, building toward an ending that’s genuinely moving and redemptive, though not in the way the reader has been expecting. The finale is so good, in fact, that it elevates the entire book, making it one of the year’s most compelling reads. Ultimately, McElroy discovers that gender-swap narratives may really be about tracing the wavy line between envy and desire. » —  The Washington Post 

« People Collide‘s Freaky Friday concept covers a deep exploration of marriage, love, and the ways we know one another—and don’t—as well as how slippery a sense of self can be when so much of how we navigate the world depends on how it sees us. » — NPR

« A creative, well-written exploration of marriage, gender, and desire. » — Kirkus Reviews

« Engrossing . . . an impressive twist on the familiar trope of marital ennui. » — Publishers Weekly

« Compelling, hilarious, and thought-provoking, this is a fascinating Freaky Friday-like thought-experiment that questions the performance and expectations of gender roles, the body-mind puzzle, how class can define a person’s perspective, and the definition of identity. » — Booklist

« Expertly interrogates gender roles and questions the ties that bind lovers together. » — Vogue

« Fascinating … an entertaining, thoughtful depiction of how we choose to exist, and its implications for how we love. » — Elle

Isle McElroy (they/them) is a nonbinary author based in Brooklyn. Their writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Cut, Esquire, The Guardian, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, and elsewhere. Isle has been named one of the Strand’s 30 Writers to Watch and has received fellowships from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, the Tin House Summer Workshop, the Sewanee Writers Conference, and the National Parks Service. Their first novel, The Atmospherians, was named a book of the year by Debutiful, Esquire, Electric Literature, The Rumpus, and more.

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THE UNWEDDING d’Ally Condie sélectionné par le Reese’s Book Club

Reese Witherspoon a sélectionné ce mois-ci pour son célèbre book club le nouveau roman d’Ally Condie, THE UNWEDDING, dans lequel une femme récemment divorcée voit ses vacances dans un luxueux resort californien gâchées lorsqu’elle découvre un cadavre le jour d’un mariage.

Un premier roman pour adulte pour l’autrice, mélangeant adroitement murder mystery et women’s fiction. Précédemment, Ally Condie a publié plusieurs romans pour la jeunesse : la série « Matched » (Promise, chez Gallimard Jeunesse), Summerlost (L’été de Summerlost, Gallimard Jeunesse), ou encore la série « Darkdeep » (Michel Lafon).

“Our June Reese’s Book Club pick is the perfect summer read!!! THE UNWEDDING by Ally Condie opens with a wedding at a gorgeous resort in Big Sur… but everything begins to fall apart when the main character Ellery discovers a dead body the morning of the ceremony.” ―Reese Witherspoon

“Ally Condie’s adult debut THE UNWEDDING is a clever, witty, and fast-paced whodunit. I read it in one sitting and can’t wait for the next.”―Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Mesmerizing! Equal parts a clever whodunit and compelling character’s journey, THE UNWEDDING will speak to anyone who’s been there, done that, and had the vacation from hell thrown on top of it all. This Big Sur luxury resort closed-room mystery will stay with you well past the final page.”―Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling author

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An illustrated edition of The 1619 Project, with newly commissioned artwork and archival images, The New York Times Magazine‘s award-winning reframing of the American founding and its contemporary echoes, placing slavery and resistance at the center of the American story.

by Nikole Hannah-Jones
The New York Times Magazine
Clarkson Potter, October 2024

Here, in these pages, Black art provides refuge. The marriage of beautiful, haunting and profound words and imagery creates an experience for the reader, a wanting to reflect, to sit in both the discomfort and the joy, to contemplate what a nation owes a people who have contributed so much and yet received so little, and maybe even, to act. –Nikole Hannah-Jones, from the Preface

Curated by the editors of The New York Times Magazine, led by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, this illustrated edition of The 1619 Project features seven chapters from the original book that lend themselves to beautiful, engaging visuals, deepening the experience of the content. The 1619 Project: A Visual Experience offers the same revolutionary idea as the original book, an argument for a new national origin story that begins in late August of 1619, when a cargo ship of enslaved people from Africa arrived on the shores of Jamestown, Virginia. Only by reckoning with this difficult history and understanding its powerful influence on our present can we prepare ourselves for a more just future.

Filled with original art by thirteen Black artists like Carrie Mae Weems, Calida Rawles, Vitus Shell, Xaviera Simmons, on the themes of resistance and freedom, a brand-new photo essay about slave auction sites, vivid photos of Black Americans celebrating their own forms of patriotism, and a collection of archival images of Black families by Black photographers, this gorgeous volume offers readers a dynamic new way of experiencing the impact of The 1619 Project.

Complete with many of the powerful essays and vignettes from the original edition, written by some of the most brilliant journalists, scholars, and thinkers of our time, The 1619 Project: A Visual Experience brings to life a fuller, more comprehensive understanding of American history and culture.

The 1619 Project began in 2019 as a special project from in The New York Times Magazine to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery. It is led by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, along with New York Times editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein and New York Times Magazine editors Ilena Silverman and Caitlin Roper.


In the declining Azalea Dynasty, where poetry magic is forbidden to women, rice farmer Wei tricks her way into being selected as imperial concubine to a cruel tyrant and must harden her heart and learn to wield literomancy in secret in order to change the fate of an empire.

by Shen X. Tao
on submission
(via Mushens Entertainment)

In the waning years of the Azalea Dynasty, the emperor is dying, the land is consumed by a famine, and poetry magic is lost to all except the powerful. After the fifth death of a sibling, young rice farmer Wei Yin is determined to save her family from desperate hunger, a difficult feat when women are forbidden from education, and crucially, literacy.

Wei finds her chance to improve the conditions of her family and her village when Prince Terren, the cruel, unkillable heir to the throne, begins a search for concubines to bear him a son. Wei tricks her way into the inner court, but little does she know, life in the lush and enchanted Azalea Palace is rife with danger and brutality she wasn’t ready for. For one, there is a covert succession war; Terren’s influential eldest brother, the one who should have been heir, has long been eyeing the crown. For another, Terren’s thirty concubines are fighting a war of their own, for the position of future empress. They know to whisper sweet words and deliver pretty smiles in public, but when nobody is looking, they are not afraid to sabotage each other with rumours or poison.

But most terrifying of all is the prince himself. Terren turns out to be just as sadistic as the rumours, willing to torture even the most powerful of those who cross him, let alone a peasant girl with no status. To survive in court, Wei must harden her heart, rely on her wit, and become dangerous herself, even if it means learning the forbidden art of poetry magic and wielding the most powerful spell of all—a heart spirit poem that requires the wielder to love the target in order to kill them.

Chinese-Canadian author Sophia Tao (writing as Shen X. Tao) has dreamed of publishing fantasy stories since she was seven. Though her roots lie in Nanchang and Toronto, she later moved to Seattle to be closer to the mountains and the ocean, where she currently resides with her partner, her piano, and her menagerie of stuffed critters. When not working as an engineer, she can be spotted hiking, taking long walks in the city, or feeding the local park geese. Sophia is a finalist for the Mike Resnick Memorial Award for science fiction and a two-time finalist for the PNWA unpublished novel contest, and a graduate of the 2023 Taos Toolbox and Viable Paradise speculative fiction workshops.