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A scientific exploration of the insect world that reveals the alarming diminishment of insect life across the globe in the era of climate change.

by Brooke Jarvis
Crown, March 2024

Drawn from the author’s astonishing and deeply disturbing article for the New York Times Magazine (which was downloaded over 1 million times in the first week alone), this will be a fascinating scientific exploration of the insect world that reveals, through extensive research with amateurs and entomologists in the field, the alarming diminishment of insect life across the globe in the era of climate change. The author plans to travel to different countries and environments, including Europe and Latin America, to explore the causes and urgent consequences of life on Earth without insects.

Brooke Jarvis is a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine, and has written for The New Yorker, Wired, The California Sunday Magazine, GQ, Harper’s, and others. She also teaches feature writing at NYU’s American Journalism Online Master’s Program and mentors young science journalists through The Open Notebook and the Northwest Science Writers Association. Jarvis’ stories have been anthologized in The Best American Science and Nature Writing (Houghton-Mifflin); The Best American Travel Writing (Mariner Books); Love and Ruin: Tales of Obsession, Danger and Heartbreak from The Atavist Magazine (Norton); and New Stories We Tell: True Tales by America’s Next Generation of Great Women Journalists (The Sager Group).

ALMOST BROWN de Charlotte Gill

An award-winning writer retraces her dysfunctional, biracial, globe-trotting family’s journey as she reckons with ethnicity and belonging, diversity and race, and the complexities of life within a multicultural household.

by Charlotte Gill
Crown, June 2023

Charlotte Gill’s father is Indian. Her mother is English. They meet in 1960’s London when the world is not quite ready for interracial love. Their union, a revolutionary act, results in a total meltdown of familial relations, a lot of immigration paperwork, and three children, all in varying shades of tan. Together they set off on a journey from the United Kingdom to Canada and to the United States in elusive pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness—a dream that eventually tears them apart.
ALMOST BROWN is an exploration of diasporic intermingling involving parents of two different races and their half-brown children as they experience the paradoxes and conundrums of life as it’s lived between race checkboxes. Eventually, her parents drift apart because they just aren’t compatible. But as she finds herself distancing from her father too—
why is she embarrassed to walk down the street with him and not her mom?—she doesn’t know if it’s because of his personality or his race. As a mixed-race child, was this her own unconscious bias favoring one parent over the other in the racial tug-of-war that plagues our society? ALMOST BROWN  looks for answers to questions shared by many mixed-race people: What are you? What does it mean to be a person of color when the concept is a societal invention and really only applies halfway if you are half white? And how does your relationship with your parents change as you change and grow older?
In a funny, turbulent, and ultimately heartwarming story, Gill examines the brilliant messiness of ancestry, “diversity,” and the idea of “race,” a historical concept that still informs our beliefs about ethnicity today.

Charlotte Gill is a bestselling and award-winning writer of fiction and narrative nonfiction. Ladykiller, her first book, was the recipient of the Danuta Gleed Award for short fiction. Eating Dirt, a tree-planting memoir, was a #1 national bestseller in Canada. Her work has appeared in Vogue and Hazlitt. Gill teaches writing in the MFA program in creative nonfiction at the University of King’s College and is the Rogers Communications Chair of Literary Journalism at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. She lives in British Columbia, Canada.

OUTLIVE de Peter Attia & Bill Gifford

Visionary thinker and renowned longevity physician Peter Attia reimagines medicine and redefines aging through his innovative science-based strategies to maximize longevity.

The Science and Art of Longevity
by Peter Attia, MD & Bill Gifford
Crown, May 2023

To Peter Attia, longevity does not mean merely living longer. He sees longevity as the opportunity to live better for longer. But, accomplishing this requires a complete change in the way we think about and approach health and wellness. Attia proposes an exciting, new vision of Western medicine that reframes our thinking and our actions.
Attia’s goal is to shift the mindset we currently have in medicine that focuses on solving the health issue once it arises to assessing the risks and customizing treatment before they actually occur. He calls this Medicine 3.0, a new way of thinking about chronic diseases, their treatment, and how to maintain long-term health. Most books and physicians are interested in improving your lifespan (how long you live), but Peter’s focus is on improving healthspan (the quality of your life). In OUTLIVE, Attia shows readers exactly how to do this through nutritional interventions, exercise physiology, sleep physiology, emotional and mental health strategies, and pharmacology.
Dr. Attia is a sought-after speaker, is well-connected with big names like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Tim Ferriss, among others, and his podcast, The Drive, averages 150K downloads/episode and 1M monthly downloads. He will also be featured in the forthcoming Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, a series on longevity from National Geographic.

Peter Attia, MD is a physician focusing on the applied science of longevity. He trained for five years at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in general surgery. He is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of the fasting app Zero. He is also on the editorial board for the journal, Aging. And has a podcast called The Drive. He is the expert that the “big names” of the world get their medical information from.


From the author of the ever-popular and celebrated SACRED WOMAN, this beautifully-formatted, life-changing, interactive journal welcomes all women to explore a blueprint for healing by connecting their inner vision to daily, actionable steps designed to not only reset and recharge the body, but to realize the purpose held within the heart and reclaim the full transformative power of the mind and the spirit.

Eighty-Four Days of Reflection and Healing
by Queen Afua
Clarkson Potter, December 2022

A perfect accompaniment and extension to the recently Updated & Expanded 20th Anniversary Edition of the enduring classic, THE SACRED WOMAN JOURNAL is a rich expansion of her self-published healing journal, featuring quotes, mantras, meditations, and prayers to inspire a reader’s journey through twelve healing gateways. Over a 12-week period, this guided journal will provide a tailored canvas of profound possibilities, revelations, visions, and lessons learned, and offer a road map to self-enlightenment in a time when we could all use a little more direction.

Queen Afua has more than forty years of experience as a holistic health practitioner and wellness coach. A pioneer in the green foods movement, Queen Afua is the author of six books including the celebrity-favorite Sacred Woman. She is also creator of the Heal Thyself product line, founder of Sacred Woman Rites of Passage Program, and CEO of the Queen Afua Wellness Institute.

THINGS YOU CAN DO de Eduardo Garcia & Sara Boccaccini Meadows

Award-winning climate journalist Eduardo Garcia offers a deeply researched and user-friendly guide to the things we can do every day to reduce climate change. Based on his popular New York Times column « One Thing You Can Do, » this fully illustrated book turns an overwhelming problem into simple actions.

How to Fight Climate Change and Reduce Waste
by Eduardo Garcia
illustrations by Sara Boccaccini Meadows
Ten Speed Press, April 2022

Award-winning climate journalist Eduardo Garcia offers a deeply researched and user-friendly guide to the things we can do every day to fight climate change. Based on his popular New York Times column “One Thing You Can Do,” this fully illustrated book proposes simple solutions for an overwhelming problem. No lectures here—just accessible and inspiring ideas to slash emissions and waste in our daily lives, with over 350 explanatory illustrations by talented painter Sara Boccaccini Meadows.
In each chapter, Garcia digs into the issue, explaining how everyday choices lead to carbon emissions, then delivers a wealth of “Things You Can Do” to make a positive impact, such as:

Eat a climate-friendly diet
• Reduce food waste
• Cool your home without an air conditioner
• Save energy at home
• Adopt zero-waste practices
• Increase the fuel efficiency of your car
• Buy low-carbon pet food
• Hack your toilet to save water
• Slash the carbon footprint of your online shopping

Delivering a decisive hit of knowledge with every turn of the page, THINGS YOU CAN DO is the book for people who want to know more—and do more—to save the planet.

Eduardo Garcia has written news stories and features from more than a dozen countries in his more than fifteen years as a journalist. A native of Spain, Eduardo cut his teeth working as a Reuters correspondent in Guatemala, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, and Ecuador. In recent years, Eduardo has written dozens of stories giving New York Times readers advice on how to reduce their carbon footprint. Eduardo strives to lead a sustainable lifestyle and believes in using words to empower people.
Sara Boccaccini Meadows is a print designer and illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York, originally from the rolling hills of the Peak District, England. Since arriving in New York City, she has been splitting her time between working as a textile designer, illustrator, and artist. She uses watercolor and gouache to create quirky illustrations and has collaborated with many amazing brands, publishers, and agencies.