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IMAGINE A WOLF de Lucky Platt

This beautifully illustrated fable engages readers directly, reminding them to challenge expectations.

by Lucky Platt
Page Street Kids/SMP, January 2021

What do you see when you imagine a wolf? Sharp, pointy teeth? Big, hungry eyes? A soft sweater and a friendly smile?
Wait a minute!
The wolf in this story would rather knit than huff, puff, or blow anyone’s house down. But that doesn’t stop the townsfolk from crying wolf anyway. What’s a kind-hearted wolf to do when everyone keeps running and screaming at “Hello?” It’s time to show the world that this wolf is the furthest thing from Big and Bad.

Lucky Platt is a visual artist who loves finding art in unexpected places. Her work often explores themes of healing and inclusion with humor. She lives with her artist husband on a lake in rural Maine. This is her debut picture book.


This poignant story with its evocative prose (‘Two birds danced through burning puddles of sun’) is amplified by luscious and textured illustrations in which swirling blues conjure the stormy sea … Lovely and delicate.” —Kirkus

by Fiona Halliday
Page Street Kids/SMP, February 2022

With his great sheltering wings and crown of stars that lights the Scottish skies, Erin knows the heroic Storm Goose from her favorite legend will always guide Papa home from sea. But when a terrible storm strikes, it’s not Papa that comes ashore, but an injured white bird. Over the next few weeks, Erin helps the Storm Goose heal in hopes he can save Papa, but comes to accept that Papa will never come home and must instead oversee the Storm Goose’s triumphant return to the skies to save other sailors. But first, in a twist both heart-wrenching and inspiring, the legendary bird saves her from her grief.

Fiona Halliday’s love of birds spans back to her childhood growing up in Scotland. She works as a graphic designer and is the author-illustrator of Numenia and the Hurricane and illustrator of Hello, Little One (by Zeena M. Pliska), both from Page Street Kids. She lives in Austria, but the stormy Scottish coastline still inspires much of her work.

OLLIE’S HUG d’Olivier Dunrea

When Ollie is in a grumpy mood and nothing feels right, a hug from a friend does the trick! The perfect board book for little kids with big feelings.

(Gossie & Friends Series)
by Olivier Dunrea
Clarion Books/HarperCollins Children’s, March 2022

Ollie is feeling down, and his friends try to cheer him up with different acts of kindness. But what does the little gosling really need to feel better? This sweet board book, with short text and endearing illustrations of goslings, is a perfect preschool tale of love and empathy.

Olivier Dunrea is the creator of beautiful and well-loved children’s books. A painter and a sculptor, his work centers around farms, animals, architecture, and folklore. He lives in the tiny village of Narrowsburg, New York, in the Catskill Mountains.

TWO DOGS de Ian Falconer

From Ian Falconer, Caldecott Honor winner and #1 New York Times bestselling creator of the Olivia series, comes a dashingly delightful picture book about two unforgettable dachshunds and their search for fun! Perfect for fans of imaginative dog books like Bark, George and A Ball for Daisy

by Ian Falconer
HarperCollins Children’s Books, June 2022

Dachshund brothers Perry and Augie are home alone and desperately want to get outside and have a good time. Augie is the cautious one, the worrier; Perry is pure joy and excitement. When they finally manage to open the back door, mischievous adventures begin! Soon they’re diving into the swimming pool, digging an enormous hole, and more! Will all return to normal before their owners come home?
This witty and utterly heartwarming story plays perfectly off the exquisite illustrations. These are Ian Falconer’s first all-new characters since Olivia, and TWO DOGS is sure to equally capture the hearts of readers everywhere.

Ian Falconer is the author and illustrator of the award-winning and bestselling Olivia book series, includingthe Caldecott Honor-winning Olivia. In addition, Falconer has created 30 covers forThe New Yorker as well as other publications. He has designed sets and costumes for the New York City Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Boston Ballet, the Royal Opera House, and many others.

A SMART, SMART SCHOOL de Sharon Creech & Anait Semirdzhyan

Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech delivers A SMART, SMART SCHOOL, the follow-up to the bestselling and perennial favorite A FINE, FINE SCHOOL. This special companion picture book will welcome Creech fans and new readers alike into to that world.

by Sharon Creech
illustrated by Anait Semirdzhyan
‎ HarperCollins, June 2023
(via Writers House)

A SMART, SMART SCHOOL delivers a timely message about the importance of creativity and artistic ex­pression in education. In this picture book, the principal, Mr. Keene, runs a fine, fine school. He en­courages his students to express themselves through the creative arts: drawing, painting, reading and singing. Then, Mr. Keene’s appendix bursts, and he is rushed to the hospital.
A new principal named Mr. Tatters arrives to take his place, and he is a serious man. He does not smile, he does not laugh, disapproves of their creative methods of learning, and immediately imple­ments a policy of daily tests, banning songs, flowers, and fun! Soon the students tire of constant test-taking, and the teachers grow too fatigued to grade any more tests. Thankfully, Mr. Keene heals and when he returns, he encourages his students to balance their creativity with their learning. At the end of the story he places a banner outside of the school that reads: A SMART, SMART SCHOOL.

Sharon Creech has written twenty-one books for young people and is published in over twenty languages. She received the Newbery Medal for Walk Two Moons, the Newbery Honor for The Wanderer, and Great Britain’s Carnegie Medal for Ruby Holler.