SCI-FI JUNIOR HIGH de John Martin and Scott Seegert

This gleefully illustrated space adventure is a laugh on every page. That’s a lot of laughs!

by John Martin and Scott Seegert
James Patterson (Little, Brown and Company), February 2017

Kelvin Klosmo isn’t just the new kid at school – he’s the new kid in the galaxy! Welcome to Sci-Fi Junior High: an inter-galactic space station with students of all shapes, sizes, smells, and… slime content. As the son of Earth’s two most famous geniuses, Kelvin isn’t just the smartest kid in the world….he’s the smartest kid in the UNIVERSE. At least, that’s what everybody at Sci-Fi Junior High thinks.
So, maybe Kelvin lied a little about being a genius to fit in. And maybe a mad scientist is about to take over the universe unless Kelvin can stop him. Maybe everyone is doomed.
Well, at least Kelvin won’t have to worry about math homework anymore.
SCI-FI JUNIOR HIGH is an out-of-this-world story about friendship, accepting our differences, and the fight against evil… bunnies.
Yes, evil bunnies – don’t ask.

Scott Seegert is the author of the “Vordak the Incomprehensible” series.

John Martin is an illustrator, graphic artist, and website designer. He is the illustrator for the “Vordak the Incomprehensible” series.

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