Endeavor Content adaptera STEPSISTER de Jennifer Donnelly!

Voici donc une bonne nouvelle pour ce roman YA dont les droits ont été cédés dans 12 Pays (US, Royaume Uni, Espagne, Italie, Brésil, Grèce, Israël, Hongrie, République Tchèque, Pologne, Russie et Turquie), souvent après enchères ou en préempte. Le réalisateur et le casting n’ont pas encore été annoncés.

Sold in a heated 9-bidder auction, Jennifer Donnelly’s STEPSISTER is a fairy tale for the 21st century in which the very essence of happily ever after is up for grabs

by Jennifer Donnelly
Scholastic, Spring 2019

STEPSISTER begins with the bloody conclusion of the Brothers Grimm Cinderella as the ugly stepsisters obey their mother’s command to cut off their toes in order to fit into the glass slipper. Isabelle, Cinderella’s “wicked and hideous” sibling, emerges from the margins of our known narrative to reveal the sadness and trauma that created her family’s infamously cruel dynamic. Jennifer frames her alternate version of the fairy tale with a showdown between the three Fates and Chance who battle over the direction of Isabelle’s life. This battle continues as Isabelle begins to reclaim the person she was before her mistreatment of her stepsister defined her entire being. As hardships abound, it becomes clear that Isabelle cannot merely wish for transcendence—she must fight for it.

This is the novel that Jennifer Donnelly has been waiting her entire career to write. STEPSISTER combines the beautiful writing, rich historical setting and unforgettable characters that made “A Northern Light” a Carnegie Medal winner and Printz Honor book with the fantastical world that Jennifer created in “Lost in a Book”, her original take on Beauty & The Beast, which spent almost 20 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and has sold more than 125,000 copies since its release earlier this year.

Book #2 will be another fairy tale and will be published by Scholastic on Spring 2020.

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